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Best Chippy Chips London.

Choice Chips Award 2012

Fish Bone offers much more than your traditional local chippy - as well as classic cod and haddock you can also find bass, sea bream and even the odd Greek dish! The food is freshly cooked to order, and with a great atmosphere and friendly staff you're sure to enjoy a fantastic meal.


The fresh fish is cooked to order and delicious.

All in

A friend had recommended Fish Bone and I'm glad I went.   I still remember the FISH very well... the lightest "tempura" I've ever had.  I'd love to go again during lunch.  We went near closing time, but the waiter was super friendly.

Nomey T. New York, NY, USA

Yum! This is my favorite fish & chips place in London because it's close to Regent's Park (so you can bring your food there on a nice day) and because the portions are huge but the prices are reasonable. The staff is really friendly and nice. Everything I've had has been really yummy (cod, rock, and skate). The fish is fresh and the batter is light and crisp and airy.

Rach K. New York, NY, USA

customer review 1

Best fish & chips in the entire world, and I've been everywhere!

Stephen. Los Angelese


customer review 2

What a big fish & chips! Fantastic, delicious!

Taiwan boys

fishbone family review

Its' delicious food, it's excellent!!

Family from Tours, France.

danish review

Kidskompas Londen, Danish London review magazine 2013.

austrian family

Fantastic food. Great service and friendly local customers.

Family from Austria.